Pronunciations with a bit of a definition
  • Albios is the upper-world of Tir Na Nog
    Pronunciation: ahl-bee-uhs
  • Balor is a daemón, a dark spectral spirit, from Dubnos
    Pronunciation: bahl-orr, with the Irish roll of the R
  • Bandruí is a female druid
    Pronunciation: bahn-drew-EE, the EE is a slight sound. Think of is like boundary, but starting with the bahn sound
  • Cait Sidhe in mythology is a fairy creature; also called king of the cats. In this book, she's a spectral spirit from Albios (upper-world) who is sent to retrieve the daemón Balor
    Pronunciation: caught shee
  • Céad is the first of their kind
    Pronunciation: KAY-uhd
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  • Ceannanus Mór is the town of Kells in County Meath
    Pronunciation: canon-us more
  • Ciarán is a nestling of the Céad vampire Lorcán
    Pronunciation: keer-AHN
  • Daemón refers to a dark spectral spirit from Dubnos (lower-world)
    Pronunciation: dayuh-MUN
  • Danu is a goddess and ruler of the Tuatha Dé Danann
    Pronunciation: dahn-new
  • Drogheda is one of the oldest towns in Ireland and lies along the east coast
    Pronunciation: DRAW-hed-uh
  • Druí is a druid
    Pronunciation: drew-EE, the EE is a slight sound
  • Dubnos is the lower-world of Tir Na Nog
    Pronunciation: dove-ness
  • Gaiscíoch can be hero or heroine; a warrior
    Pronunciation: GOSH-geeil, the L sound is slight and not pronounced in some parts
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  • Garbhán is a nestling of the Céad vampire Lorcán
    Pronunciation: gar-VHAN
  • Lorcán is one of the Céad, turned into a monster by Balor
  • Seanchaí is a traditional Irish storyteller or historian
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  • Teitheadh means flee or run
    Pronunciation: te-ha
  • Tir Na Nog is Otherworld, the domain of Tuatha Dé Danann (the tribe of the goddess Danu), of which both Cait Sidhe and Balor are members
    Pronunciation: tear nah noth
  • Triskele is a spiral design with three symmetrical parts
    Pronunciation: tris-kuh-loo
  • Tuatha Dé Danann is the tribe of the goddess Danu, a supernatural race
    Pronunciation: two-uh DAY dahn-uhn