Gary Piserchio


I started writing when I was about six years old. I loved this one children's book and I rewrote it. Oh, I didn't add or change a thing. Rewrote it verbatim. When I showed my older brother (eleven years old), he told me I hadn't written it. I copied it. I was so confused. Of course I'd written it, it's on the paper in my handwriting. Geez.

Next, thanks to my mom who read to me pretty much every night growing up, and to my big brother Jeff who had shelves lined with comics, Burroughs (Edgar Rice, not William S. - though I do enjoy reading the Beat writers), Heinlein, Tolkien, Asimov, Bradbury, Robeson (Lester Dent), and so on and so forth, I fell in love with reading from an early age.

Following that, thanks to my friend Steve and my fifth grade teacher Mr. Rogers (no, not that one), I started writing almost all the time (my own stories, not copies of other books). You see, Steve told Mr. Rogers about something a teacher did back in Seattle where he'd just come from: free-writing for ten minutes during class. That's how I came to write my first novel in fifth grade in Big Chief notepads. It was a Doc Savage/Tarzan mashup. (Wish I could find those notepads ... or maybe I don't.)

Fast forward and I'm now much (much) older than my fifth-grade self, but I still love the genre of the fantastic. I've published six books (three under a pen name) and a smattering of short stories.

I live in Denver with two Chihuahuas, where by day I write user guides for a software company and by night, or rather by early evening because, you know, late nights are a thing of the past, I write about an Irish family of monster hunters.

Don't let my last name fool you, I'm half Irish-y (with dabs of Welsh, Scottish, and English mixed in).

And now we're all caught up. Thanks and take care.